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Bantel Travel d.o.o. undertakes to respect the privacy of all its users and shall not disclose their information to third parties or use them for marketing purposes other than prior approval. Bantel Travel d.o.o. collects only the necessary information about the users needed to make the reservation.

All user data is strictly stored and accessible only to employees who need this information to perform the job. All employees of Bantel Travel d.o.o. and business partners are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection.

The use of the website is subject to Lufthansa City Center terms and conditions. We recommend that you read these terms and conditions carefully before using any of our services.

1. Preliminary
All Lufthansa City Center travel agencies operate an online website. Being part of the Lufthansa City Center network, we operate as a fully licensed IATA BSP Travel Agency and are bound to fully comply with conditions as set by IATA.

Please note that as a Travel Agency we provide bookings to our customers on behalf of the airlines, hotels, car rental companies and other third parties. We will always endeavour to contract only with reputable partners. However, we are not the company providing the final service to our customers and as such cannot influence the service provider directly.

2. Contract Contents
The binding contract comes into existence as soon as the client requests an offer with one of our Lufthansa City Center travel agencies. By entering into discussion and agreeing to the final offer, the person making the booking confirms that he/she is of legal age and legally entitled to enter into contracts.

The law of the respective country where the Lufthansa City Center travel agency is located will be applicable and therefore determine the booking process. The booking will be considered finalized as soon as all travel documents have been remitted to the client. You will receive a confirmation of your booking by email, which will include a full summary of services selected and prices.

3. Responsibilities
The contractual responsibility of all Lufthansa City Center travel agencies is to efficiently provide the bookings of products and services as booked by the client. As such, the actual products and services are not the responsibility of Lufthansa City Center International GmbH. The Lufthansa City Center travel agency acts on account of and on behalf of the service provider. The prices and conditions are set in accordance to what has been contractually agreed between the Lufthansa City Center travel agency and the service providers.

For further information about the products and services, and conditions offered by the service providers please feel free to check the booking conditions as indicated on their websites

4. Fulfilment
All Lufthansa City Center travel agencies provide travel services (Flights, Rental Cars, Packages, Insurance etc) on behalf of its clients through third party contracts as follows:

All tickets are issued directly by the Lufthansa City Center travel agency. We provide full service as related to/ in relation to on- and offline airline ticket bookings, flight changes, cancellations, re-routings, award tickets and ticket upgrades.
An exception is for the low cost carriers where the bookings will be made directly with the low cost carriers. In this case the airline is the service provider and all changes and requests for refunds must be made directly with the airline.
Should you require any further assistance please contact us via the “contact us” tab.

5. Liability
a) Lufthansa City Center International GmbH makes the necessary efforts to ensure that the information provided on this website is correct. However, we do not guarantee that this information is without error. The information provided here is subject to frequent changes and updates.

b) All liability of the Lufthansa City Center travel agency and /or its suppliers on this website is limited to gross negligence.

c) Details about the services provided or negotiated tourism offers are fully dependent upon the information provided by the suppliers. These do not constitute a liability from the Lufthansa City Center travel agency towards the client.

d) The liability of the Lufthansa City Center travel agency for the services provided are limited to the efficient provision of the services in the framework of a cautious trader, not to the accuracy, completeness, correctness of the information and timeliness thereof and the provision of services by the third party.

6. Deviations and Changes
a) Deviations and changes from individual travel arrangements are only enforceable if following a contractual agreement.

b) Last minute changes of flight times, destination, as well as the change of aircrafts and airline companies, are expressly allowed.

c) Changes and variations of travel offers are only subject to claims after an agreement has been made, not against the organiser handling in good faith. These changes shall not materially impact the overall package offered.

7. Re-bookings and Cancellations
a) The possibility of rebooking, cancellation of a booking or name change, as well as the conditions and costs of passenger changes, are only dealt with in accordance with the supplier’s conditions and cannot be influenced by the Lufthansa City Center travel agency.

b) For making the changes as mentioned under 7a) the Lufthansa City Center travel agency is allowed to charge a service fee. In the case of a service offer with a Low Cost Carrier costs for making changes will be indicated by the respective airline while making the booking.

8. Acts of God or force majeure
Neither Lufthansa City Center International GmbH nor the Lufthansa City Center travel agency will be liable for this contract in the case of Acts of God or force majeure. This includes demonstrations, war, inner unrest, airline hijackings, acts of terrorism, fire, flooding, loss of power, accidents, storm, strikes, work stoppages or other actions taken to interrupt the services of Lufthansa City Center or its suppliers.

In order to assist the passenger at all times about changes in their travel arrangements please contact us either via the “contact us” tab. Our staff will endeavour to assist you with the latest information.

9. Contract Termination by Lufthansa City Center or the supplier
The Lufthansa City Center travel agency and the supplier have the right to cancel the booking or parts of the booking reservation in the following cases:
- the client is not credit worthy
- the client’s credit card payments have been refused by the credit card companies
- it is indicated that the person making the booking is not legally entitled to enter into a contract (or not of legal age)

10. Price and Changes of Services
a) Based on conditions beyond the control of the Lufthansa City Center travel agency, price and conditions may be changed by the suppliers thus entitling the Lufthansa City Center travel agency to an adjustment. For instance exchange fluctuations, fuel surcharges, insurance surcharges and airport taxes.
b) Changes of price and conditions are part of the general conditions of the suppliers. Should the Lufthansa City Center travel agency be informed of such changes then the clients will be informed immediately of such changes.

11. Service Fees
Since low cost carriers, as well as a growing number of airlines, no longer provide travel agent commissions, the Lufthansa City Center travel agency will, as well as other suppliers, charge a service fee. This amount will be included in the final price but mentioned separately on the invoice, when applicable.

12. Passport, Visa, Customs and health regulations
Every passenger is responsible for ensuring that he/she is holding all valid travel documents. This includes visas for all destinations, health requirements or other required travel documents.

Since travel insurance is not automatically included in the packages we strongly recommend you to include such insurance when booking a package. It is the client’s responsibility to obtain a suitable and adequate insurance policy for their particular needs.

These documents (including those for children) must be obtained and checked before departure. Clients are reminded to check that their documents are up to date as requirements may change.

13. Cancellation
A cancellation of the booked trip by the passenger is not permitted. A traveller cannot withdraw from the commitment engaged with the Lufthansa City Center travel agency or a third party by the person him/herself or through a relative/partner. In the case that the passenger decides to cancel a trip, then various financial consequences may apply. These will be clearly stated in the booking conditions. Financial compensation obtained by court order is expressly prohibited.

14. Applicable Law
The law of the respective country where the Lufthansa City Center travel agency is registered will be applicable for:
• persons who are of legal age,
• those living in the country,
• or those who do not live permanently there,
• and for persons who have selected their country of residence to be a foreign country.

The respective country will be the location where the court will rule for this agreement. Therefore the laws of other countries will not apply.

15. Changes in the general Conditions
The general conditions given on this website act only as the umbrella for the network related terms and conditions for network related terms and conditions. Clients are therefore advised to read the terms and conditions of the individual agencies and suppliers.

The Lufthansa City Center travel agency is entitled to change or add to the general conditions with regards to this website with effect on future bookings at all times without having to notify the traveller. When finalizing a booking the latest version of the general conditions will be stated. Therefore the person booking agrees to any possible changes in the conditions.

16. Salvatorian Clause
Should one of the existing preconditions be impractical or impossible to fulfil then this will not affect the overall validity of this contract.