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Bantel Travel

Lufthansa City Center


Business is not transacted between companies but between people. Even if most of the customer contact takes place over the phone, Bantel Travel Lufthansa City Center is certainly not a call centre. We know our customers, we know the special requirements of the traveller and we know the main destinations as well as the travel guidelines and the accounting procedures. As in every “good (business) relationship”, travel agency staff develops an intuitive feeling for the needs of their customers and can work proactively.


As well as operative support we provide additional Key Account Management services.

Primary tasks are:
• To be the first line of contact
• To control the service quality and permanently adapt the services to the ever-changing customer requirements
• To carry out regular analyses
• To advise on the optimisations of travel-related internal processes (e.g. implementation and expansion of travel guidelines etc)
• To monitor or to independently deal with service providers to optimise the purchasing conditions
• To carry out benchmarking, information transfer regarding industry developments etc.